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Line Thawing in 100 Mile House: Septic Problems & Repairs

Sometimes just pumping the tank will not fix your septic issue. There could be an issue with your field. We can locate and dig up your distribution box. This would be a starting point. Sometimes they need to be replaced. If there is sludge in the d-box and field lines we can do a field jet to clean them out and improve flow. If you have a pump system (needs to pump up to the field instead of a gravity feed system) and there is an issue with the pump we can diagnose the problem and replace the pump if necessary. We can also replace broken pipes, install risers, lids, etc.

  • High pressure field cleaning / water jetting
  • Power snaking / drain cleaning
  • Pipe thawing
  • Effluent pump installation
  • Septic repairs
  • SeeSnake – camera and locator for septic tank, D-box, drain or field line locating and inspection


Service Area

100 Mile House

108 Mile Ranch

Forest Grove

Canim Lake

Mahood Lake

Lac La Hache

Timothy Lake / Rail Lake

Lone Butte


Big Bar

Sheridan / Deka / Sulphurous

Bridge Lake

Lac Des Roches

Watch Lake / Green Lake

Pressy Lake

**We can also service areas further out if time allows.

Paterson Septic & Hydrovac Service is a member of BBB.

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