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Hydrovac Services in 100 Mile House and Surrounding Areas

When your project requires a fast, safe and non-destructive method of excavating earth or exposing underground infrastructure, removing debris from a site, or thoroughly cleaning structures such as industrial tanks, catch basins and sumps, the experienced team at Paterson Septic & Hydrovac Service is ready to help. We offer convenient onsite hydrovac truck services in 100 Mile House and surrounding areas of Central British Columbia for residential, commercial and municipal customers, as well as utility providers, telecommunication companies and more.


Our hydrovac truck is equipped with a water reservoir and uses water under high pressure to loosen soil, rocks, clay, gravel and other earth materials, which are simultaneously "sucked up" into a debris tank for later disposal. The process is safe, effective and affordable, especially in areas where machine digging is not practical because of factors such as underground utility lines, restricted access, or worker safety and liability issues.

Our Hydrovac Truck Services Include:

We offer safe and effective solutions with our hydrovac services in 100 Mile House and surrounding area to meet your requirements.

Daylighting (visual confirmation of buried line)

Utility pole holes, piling holes

Service and splice pits

Steam services

Vessel and industrial tank cleaning

Debris removal

Storm/Drain Line/Culvert flushout

Catch basin and sump cleaning

Line thawing and jetting

Hydrovac Jetter Truck Culvert Flushing in the Lytton area 1

Advantages of Hydrovac Services:

There are several advantages of using hydrovac services. They include:


Safety: The hydro excavation method is one of the safer methods of digging and excavating the earth. It reduces injury risks and easily removes debris from the land. 


Cost-effective: Hydrovac is a cost-effective way of excavating compared to the traditional method. It requires a lower workforce and reduces the amount of labour.


Accuracy: Get accurate results using hydrovac equipment. As pressurized water and suction is used to dig the soil, you can expect precise excavation results.


If your project calls for digging around buried pipes, utility lines and other awkward or sensitive areas, hydrovac excavation is the smart choice. Give us a call today to discuss your needs or to schedule a service appointment for hydrovac services in 100 Mile House .


We also provide septic tank cleaning and pumping services.

Paterson Septic & Hydrovac Service is a member of the BBB.

Hydrovac Truck Services Truck
Hydrovac Truck 100 Mile House

Hydrovac Truck 100 Mile House

Hydrovac Truck Daylighting a Watermain in Canim Lake

Hydrovac Truck Daylighting a Watermain in Canim Lake

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