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Septic Tank Care & Maintenance

Properly maintaining your septic system will greatly increase the lifespan of your dispersal field. Maintenance of any septic tank will depend largely on the daily flow of sewage and the number of persons served. With ordinary use and care, cleaning of the average septic tank should be necessary only every 3 - 4 years, provided the tank has been properly designed with adequate sludge storage space. Allowing a septic tank to operate for more than four years can endanger the dispersal field with the result that complete reconstruction may be necessary.


Call Paterson Septic & Hydrovac Service for a quote on pumping your septic tank. Price goes by distance from 100 Mile House and the size of the tank. Prices are based on the tank being under 1000 gallons (for tanks over 1000 gallons a small surcharge will apply) and the lid/s being exposed. If we need to locate and dig the lid/s there would be extra charges.

  • Septic tank pumping
  • Outhouse pumping
  • Holding tank pumping
  • Septic tank, D-box, drain line locator and inspection (SeeSnake – camera & locator)
  • Problem solving / Drain cleaning / Repairs

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Paterson Septic & Hydrovac brochure 2018


At the time of pumping our technician will check the condition of your tank and let you know if there are any concerns.



  • Was the tank due/overdue for pumping or could it have gone a little longer
  • Check that inlet and outlet baffles are in place.
  • Check that lid and top of tank are in good condition and safe.
  • Check if the level in the tank is correct or if there is any runback from the field (this would indicate a problem with the field area).


Service Area

100 Mile House

108 Mile Ranch

Forest Grove

Canim Lake

Mahood Lake

Lac La Hache

Timothy Lake / Rail Lake

Lone Butte


Big Bar

Sheridan / Deka / Sulphurous

Bridge Lake

Lac Des Roches

Watch Lake / Green Lake

Pressy Lake

**We can also service areas further out if time allows.

Paterson Septic & Hydrovac Service is a member of the BBB.

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