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Fixing Plumbing Problems in 100 Mile House with Power Snaking & Drain Cleaning

At Paterson Septic & Hydrovac Service, we have a wide range of equipment to deal with whatever blockage you may have. We can deal with blocked pipes (inside or outside), plugged toilets, tubs and sinks. We can also thaw out frozen pipes in the winter.

  • Power snaking / drain cleaning
  • High pressure field cleaning / water jetting
  • Pipe thawing
  • See Snake (camera/locator) – Inspect drain lines to diagnose the problem. Can also locate septic tank, distribution box, drain or field lines

Service Area

  • 100 Mile House
  • 108 Mile Ranch
  • Forest Grove
  • Canim Lake
  • Mahood Lake
  • Lac La Hache
  • Timothy Lake / Rail Lake
  • Lone Butte
  • Clinton
  • Big Bar
  • Sheridan / Deka / Sulphurous
  • Bridge Lake
  • Lac Des Roches
  • Watch Lake / Green Lake
  • Pressy Lake

We can also service areas farther out if time allows.

Paterson Septic & Hydrovac Service is a member of the BBB.

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